Possible Coronavirus Vaccine Might Roll Out In August

Possible Coronavirus Vaccine Might Roll Out In August

A scientist from the Oxford University has recently declared that a coronavirus vaccine could be available starting from mid-August after the human trial is completed. Professor Sir John Bell proclaimed on the 19th of April for BBC that the human testing for their product will soon start, ExpressUK reported.

The professor declared that the most important thing is to determine the effectiveness of the medicine. This can only be achieved after testing an impressive number of people and carefully analyzing how their system responds to the medication, as well as understanding how many people got the virus.

Therefore, it is improbable that the scientists will take another step further before May. In addition to this, the tests on humans have already started, and the first vaccine was administered on the 16th of April. Moreover, even if the miraculous vaccine formula is discovered, the scientists need an impressive effort coming from the authorities to produce and distribute the medicine on a global scale.

A coronavirus vaccine might become available in August

The United Kingdom has announced the implementation of a coronavirus vaccine task force. The Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance stated that the government is willing to provide all the necessary resources for the research institutions to carry on with their work. With this purpose in mind, the government has already announced a 250GBP budget for the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.

In an interview with the Observer, David Nabarro, professor of global health at Imperial College London, has declared that the news regarding the potential cure for COVID-19 should not give us too much hope. In his belief, the population needs to learn how to live with the constant threat. For him, normality means protecting those who are part of the risk category.

Up until now, more than 15.000 deaths were produced in the United Kingdom because of coronavirus. Great Britain is now focusing on providing personal protective equipment for the medical staff. In parallel, the UK scientists work on a coronavirus vaccine.

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