Peanut Allergy Study Proves That Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) Safe for Children

Peanut Allergy Study Proves That Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) Safe for Children

Edmond Chan, Pediatric Allergist, has conducted a series of treatments and research regarding peanut allergy, by offering its patients the oral immunotherapy (OIT). This specific treatment has a patient ingest small quantities of allergenic food, peanut for example, with the amount slowly increasing to a particular maximum dosage.

The aim of this treatment is for parents to attain desensitization so their child can eat more of that food without initiating a risky reaction, and also defending them from accidental exposure. Chan and his team have proved that oral immunotherapy is safe and effective in big groups of preschool children. Data explaining and demonstrating this has been issues in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice.

Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) is Harmless for Preschoolers with a Peanut Allergy

Dr. Chan along with his team has been monitoring 270 children from all over Canada with ages between nine months to five years who were having peanut allergies. The children were given a small amount of peanut in a clinic or hospital and slowly increased with time. Also, parents fed the children the same daily dose at home until they got to the maximum amount.

It was discovered that 90 percent (243) children got to the maintenance phase with no problems. The Lancet study was of older children. Recent research has been conducted which implied that it isn’t safe for people to follow the OIT because of the researchers conducting this study claim that it is better to avoid peanuts if one has a peanut allergy.

OIT Proved Beneficial in Several Conditions

However, this study only analyzed children from 5 years old, and older which took part in clinical experiments, and the authors of the research don’t even specify this as the framing of their review. Dr. Chan’s study, however, reviewed preschool children outside of clinical trials and analysis, but in daily life. Dr. Chan recommends allergists and medical society to stop disconcerting parents with limitless mixed signals regarding Oral Immunotherapy as a regular practice or within research areas.

Oral immunotherapy (OIT) has been demonstrated to be effective in numerous research studies, and the main point is the fact that Oral Immunotherapy is harmless for preschool children and should be recommended to those parents of juniors suffering from a peanut allergy.

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