Passive Smoking – Smokers’ Children Are More Exposed To Adulthood Diseases

Passive Smoking – Smokers’ Children Are More Exposed To Adulthood Diseases

According to a recent US-based study carried out on 70,900 non-smoking men and women by the American Cancer Society, non-smoking adults are more exposed to severe lung diseases if their parents were smokers. The scientists stressed that childhood passive smoking adds “seven deaths to every 100,000 non-smoking adults dying annually.”

However non-smoking adults who passive smoked during their childhood are not only at risk of developing lung-related diseases, such as chronic obstructive lung disease (42%) but also of dying from ischemic heart disease (27%) and stroke (23%).

Published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, this new study was conducted on more than 70,000 non-smoking adults who were asked about the exposure to cigarette smoke during their childhoods.

“This latest study adds to the compelling case to take the smoke outside to protect children from harm. The best way to do this is for parents to quit,” said Hazel Cheeseman from the Action on Smoking and Health group.

Passive smoking in childhood increase risks of adulthood diseases

“Passive smoking has a lasting impact well beyond childhood. We need to make sure that everyone, especially parents of young children and pregnant women who smoke get the help they need to quit,” Dr. Nick Hopkinson, medical adviser to the British Lung Foundation.

Already proved by various previous studies, smokers’ children are more exposed to asthma and other respiratory impairments, but what the new American Cancer Society’s new research revealed is that children who were passive smoking during their childhood are also more exposed to adulthood diseases, such as lung-related diseases and cardiovascular conditions, as well.

“This is the first study to identify an association between childhood exposure to second-hand smoke and death from chronic obstructive lung disease in middle age and beyond. Our findings provide further evidence for reducing second-hand smoke exposure throughout life,” explained Dr. Ryan Diver, one of the study’s authors.


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