Why The Opioid Crisis Is Becoming A Huge Issue In America

Why The Opioid Crisis Is Becoming A Huge Issue In America

Who doesn’t know that drugs are not good for your health? Telling the addicted ones that the drugs are bad for them is not going to help them in any way. This is exactly what the president Donald Trump said and the advice is not very useful.

Lately, we’ve been facing with addiction to treatments that use opioids. It is not the patient’s fault that they become addicted to the treatment. Trump says that in order to prevent addiction or overdose, it’s better to stop them from using such drugs.

The whole issue comes as a chain reaction, from drug manufacturers who instruct doctors on the usage of their treatments, and then doctors who instruct their patients and prescribe the drugs. After finishing their treatments which include opioids, some patients search for drugs on the black market or try different drugs.

Opioids have killed over 33,000 people in America in 2015, studies show that half of the deaths were after they used prescription painkillers. The others start from the prescribed and legal pills and turn to heroin or fentanyl.

Why is this Happening in America?

The problem occurs mostly in America, people consuming 80% of the global production or opioid pills. Taking into consideration that the US citizens are 5% of the world population, the number of consumers is immense.

The health system in the US is considered more of an industry and not a service; it gives too much power to drug manufacturers or health insurance companies. It mostly focuses on making a profit and not having healthy citizens.

After states realized that this is a social crisis, targeting families and leaving children orphans, they started to lower mass prescription.

In 2016 the director of CDC urged doctors to not prescribe opioids for routine or chronic pain but the Congress pushed back because the pharmaceutical industry is a business which has the power of lobby.

Trump has stated that this is a national emergency which became an epidemic after he blames the victims for using the treatment.


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One thought on “Why The Opioid Crisis Is Becoming A Huge Issue In America

  1. The overreaction by those who have been negatively impacted by a loved one abusing or dying from opiate abuse is causing terrible problems for those of us who have no choice in this matter.
    In my case, a drunk driver ruined my life twenty five years ago. She destroyed my back causing constant pain and spasms that I combat with the help of my pain management physician. In my case, this medication is life saving. More than two decades ago my pmp decided what kind of medication is best for my issues and what dosage is needed. I have never abused, shared, or sold any medication I’ve been prescribed. (I don’t want to hurt anyone or go to prison).
    Without the assistance of opiates, my life would not be worth living.
    Now that people who have disposable income (who only want to get high) are abusing these meds and hurting themselves and others, we who need these medications are being unjustly penalized and punished.
    Why are the people who make these laws and regulations hurting the people who don’t have a choice? The choice of whether or not we even wanted to try an opiate was taken away from us. This method and attempt of “control” is ineffective.
    That drunk took away my ability to work, to enjoy life, and to be the active person I was. And now because of others lack of self control I have had my medications reduced by 70% so far, and my Dr says that he shall continue to reduce these meds to just one100mg capsule a day. One.
    I’m already suffering horribly. There isn’t much quality of life anymore and I find myself waiting for the heart attack to hit me from all of the worry and stress.
    This is wrong. What is the point of taking away my life saving medications? Why must I suffer every second of every day because others messed up? I have nothing to do with this problem. But I and those in my position are being unjustly penalized and punished.
    Those in charge need to see that they are only hurting the legal patients.
    Just like buyers of guns, the legal purchasers are being regulated to death while the illegal users simply go down to the corner and get whatever they want.
    There is a better way to handle this problem.
    You all need to think and see beyond the immediate space that’s right in front of you.


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