Number of Obesity-Related Cancer Patients Is Expected to Triple

Number of Obesity-Related Cancer Patients Is Expected to Triple

We already know how impactful is the diet we adopt when talking about our health.

This issue has been researched and documented for a long time now, but it seems like although all evidence is pointing to the fact that we need to adjust our lifestyle and diet in order to increase our life length and to avoid the risk of developing a number of diseases, we as a species are facing a serious issue in this regard.

Number of patients who have obesity-related cancer is expected to increase by 2042 drastically

The Canadian Population Attributable Risk of Cancer released a study that suggests the fact scientists expect the number of patients who developed cancer as a consequence of obesity to increase by 300% in the next 23 years.

Currently, we are aware of 13 different types of cancers that are associated with obesity, and that includes breast, uterine, esophageal, and colon cancer.

The situation is as worrying as statistics show that roughly 50% of the Canadian population weights more than usual.

Health policy analyst of the Canadian Cancer Society, Elizabeth Holmes, suggests that in the same way that we as a society are continually discouraging people from starting or continuing to smoke for health-related reasons, we should also begin to encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, as consequences of smoking and obesity are similarly harmful.

What is to be done to avoid danger?

Nutritionists suggest that the government should focus on implementing programs that target childhood obesity to prevent and decrease the number of patients suffering from obesity-related diseases, but there are other measures to be implemented as well.

Holmes proposed that, in order to decrease these numbers, people should be encouraged to sit less and move more while transferring from one place to another, that nutrition labels should be placed on the front of the package of commercial products and that the government should also implement a measure that would obstruct the ability to sell unhealthy food to children.

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