New Research Revealed How To Keep A Healthy Memory Despite Aging

New Research Revealed How To Keep A Healthy Memory Despite Aging

If you want to maintain a healthy memory in the future, despite aging, even when you will be older than the age of 55, and not to suffer from a cognitive disorder, you can take into consideration the factors of it that the neuroscientists of the University of Alberta discovered. The results suggest that if the doctor intervenes when they see the early effects of Alzheimer’s disease, it can be prevented.

One of the first signs of neurodegenerative and cognitive diseases is memory decline, and Alzheimer’s disease is part of that category. Regarding the effort that would be made for the delay or prevention of these illnesses, it is critical to design and understands interventions for memory decline.

The lead author and research associate in the Department of Psychology, Peggy McFall, said that “We found different risk factors for stable memory and for rapidly declining memory. It may be possible to use these factors to improve outcomes for older adults.”

Aging well: Scientists found how we can keep a life-long healthy memory

The study has been conducted by McFall in collaboration with Professor Roger Dixon, and in order to analyze data from a longitudinal study based in Edmonton, Alberta they used machine learning.

Thanks to the study, we now know that adult females are more likely to keep a healthy memory if they are educated and engage in more social activities, hosting a dinner party for example, but in new cognitive activities as well, such as learning a second language or using a computer.

Healthy memory in adults age 55 years old to 75 years old was associated with higher body mass index, lower heart rate, living companions, and more self-maintenance activities. Fewer depressive symptoms and faster gait have been found in adults over 75 years old. Accordingly, aging gracefully is now possible thanks to the new study.


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