New Migraines Treatment, The Revolutionary Aimovig Medication, Approved By The FDA

New Migraines Treatment, The Revolutionary Aimovig Medication, Approved By The FDA

Migraines are the main reason for visiting the neurology clinic. In fact, headaches and migraines are the main reason for outpatient consultation, with a prevalence ranging between 2% of the world’s population for chronic migraines and about 15% for episodic migraines, according to The Migraine Trust. Although it is generally a benign and limited time condition, in many cases, migraines prevent the patient from carrying out his/her daily activities.

Experts warn that the continued use of drugs for the treatment of migraines contributes to the chronicization of pain. Also, depending on the type of the drugs used, there may occur negative side effects such as renal and vascular side effects in the case of anti-inflammatory drugs, for instance.

A new and effective migraines treatment has been approved by the FDA in the US

However, there is already a way to prevent headaches and migraines so that you don’t have to resort to these harmful anti-migraines drugs. This new migraines treatment method was announced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (the FDA), which, during this week, approved the first drug to prevent severe headaches and migraines.

The name of the drug is Aimovig and is manufactured by Amgen and Novartis laboratories.

What is Aimovig?

Aimovig is an injectable migraines treatment that has to be administered one time a month. The drug is sold along with a device similar to an insulin needle to ease up the administering process.

This new migraines treatment blocks a fragment of a protein called CGRP which is involved in the development of the headaches and migraines, as the FDA reported.

However, the downside of this new migraines treatment is the high-cost of its manufacturing process, an issue that has raised doubts about whether health insurance companies will cover the cost or whether patients will be able to afford it. The researchers will publish a final analysis in two weeks that will include public opinions and the final price of the drug.


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