New Cancer Vaccine With Diprovocim Increased The Survival Rates In Mice By 100%

New Cancer Vaccine With Diprovocim Increased The Survival Rates In Mice By 100%

Scientists developed a new cancer vaccine that increased the survival rates in mice by 100%. However, the new medicine is useful only if combined with another drug, the Diprovocim. The study’s report, issued earlier in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, concludes that the new approach can be combined with other therapies to fight against aggressive tumors.

The researchers decided to examine their new cancer vaccine efficiency when combined with Diprovicim which is a molecule that acts like an adjuvant and a stimulator of the immune system. Additionally, the experts also observed that the combination is also useful in combating cancer relapse as it’s prompting the immune system to fight back anytime cancer cell reappear.

“This co-therapy produced a complete response, a curative response, in the treatment of melanoma. Just as a vaccine can train the body to fight off external pathogens, this [new cancer vaccine] trains the immune system to go after the tumor,” explained Dale Boger from the Scripps Research Institute.

The new cancer vaccine boosted the survival rates in mice by 100%

The researchers studied the effectiveness of their new cancer vaccine on 24 mice suffering from a very aggressive form of melanoma. The mice were divided into three groups of eight mice each and were administered either the immunization drug plus Diprovocim or only the vaccine or a placebo.

After about one month, the scientists observed the results. The group that receives the new vaccine plus Diprovocim presented 100% survival rates, while the group that was treated only with the vaccine scored only a 25% survival rate.

According to the research team involved in the experiment, the combination of the new cancer vaccine and Diprovocim was so powerful in killing cancer cell thank to the Diprovocim which activates the immune system and forces it to fight against tumors.


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