Naps Are so Good for your Heart, Not only Mood, Science Says

Naps Are so Good for your Heart, Not only Mood, Science Says

New research found that the habit of taking a nap once or twice a week is highly beneficial for the heart. The frequency of deadly cardiovascular was significantly reduced for the regular daytime sleepers.

Yeah, you heard it right. Heart attacks, stroke, and heart diseases avoid people that like to nap regularly.

Sleep impacts the organism in a grand manner. Stephen MacMahon, a cardiovascular expert at Oxford University’s George Institute for Global Health, said many conditions have the starting point in poor sleeping patterns.

The new study carried out by the University of Lausanne, Switzerland found the interesting link by investigating the facts. The follow-up summed 3,462 individuals aged between 35 and 75 and tried to figure out the importance of napping for health. The category that affirmed they sometimes indulge a daytime zizz once or twice a week were on the safe side. The scientists found 48% fewer chances to encounter a heart failure, stroke, or heart attack with only five minutes to one hour of extra rest.


Too Much of a Good Thing?


The above results appeared in ‘Heart’, the journal of British Cardiovascular Society. It outlined that more napping does not influence the favorable rates, while less than once a week makes a huge difference for the heart.

The Professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Glasgow, Naveed Sattar, had to emphasis that more sleep is not necessarily good for you. The study outcomes showed a positive face of weekly napping, but people that use to nap on a daily basis are more likely to suffer of “sub-clinical illness linked to poorer lifestyle”. So moderation is the key!

The professor points out that napping alone is not the solution for long life and a healthy body. People need to put their efforts into keeping up with a proper diet, stay active, and get qualitative nocturnal zizz.


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