More Sleep Is Indeed Better For Our Health, New Research Revealed

More Sleep Is Indeed Better For Our Health, New Research Revealed

New research has demonstrated that more sleep is aiding our health and reducing the risks of specific diseases. Even though six hours of sleep is thought to be enough for adults, a newly released study proved that increasing the sleep span can help in the decrement of cardiometabolic threats, or the risk of heart illness and metabolic disorders.

The study was issued in the Journal of Sleep Research and included seven investigations whose aim was to increase sleep span in adults by any sleep expansion intervention. The new research contained a total of 138 volunteers who were either healthy, healthy but sleeping for a short time, overweight and sleeping a few hours, or pre or hypertensive short-sleeping people.

The total duration of the sleep expansion mediation differed from three days to six weeks, and all the participants have successfully increased the overall sleep span by between 21 and 117 minutes.

More Sleep Is Indeed Better For Our Health

The discoveries from the study clearly showed that an extension in sleep was linked with enhanced levels of insulin sensitivity and a decline in general appetite, also in the desire for sweet and salty foods, intake of daily free sugar, and the ratio of daily caloric consumption from protein.

Lead author Rob Henst said that because of the astounding evidence that sleeping for less than seven hours is linked with growth in cardiometabolic risk, it is interesting that so little to none studies have examined if by extending sleep duration can decrease the cardiometabolic risk.

Senior author Dr. Dale Rae has added saying that even though they have mainly concentrated on studies with sleep extension interventions in this particular analysis, it is now evident that poor sleep quality may be an equally crucial risk factor for cardiometabolic illness. Therefore, he said, future researches testing interventions targeted at enhancing sleep quality are also necessary.

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