Micronutrients Decrease Gut Bacteria Linked To ADHD

Micronutrients Decrease Gut Bacteria Linked To ADHD

One of the most recent studies brings to light for the causes of a terrible disease, which resurfaced lately in too many cases. Something intriguing called micronutrient it appears to have some great benefits in the ADHD disease.

To understand better what it’s all about and its meaning, we must get some things straight. Firstly, what is the deal with the gut bacteria? Well, it is scientifically proved that gut bacteria could have a role in the progress of some disorders, like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), autism, or even depression. Recently, a study involving this type of bacteria made quite an impression for the medicine.

The discovery could provide some treatment implications, as well, but the primary researcher told how the study represents the first phase, and other ones will inevitably appear.

Of course, there was a little bit of contradiction about the role the gut bacteria could have. Also, the doubt appeared, but only because the researchers thought that it might affect any ADHD symptoms.

Micronutrients Decrease Gut Bacteria Linked To ADHD

The study involved the participation of the University of Canterbury and of an ambitious professor, Julia Rucklidge. Together, with her team realized a 10-week pilot study with several 17 children who have ADHD.

They showed how 10 of the kids were administrated a micronutrient supplement, like vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and even minerals, in a dose of 12 capsules, daily. The results showed how the children who took the micronutrients had incredibly less Bifidobacterium bacteria.

Another study from New Zealand came up with a review, in collaboration with the University of Canterbury, proposed that micronutrients could be used as a therapeutic technique to moderate stages of the bacteria.

Rucklidge ended her statement by explaining that there will be many opportunities for micronutrients to take action and help patients with ADHD.

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