Measles Misinformation Draws The Attention Of Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer

Measles Misinformation Draws The Attention Of Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer

Canada’s chief public health officer is urging her fellow doctors to offer answers to parents that are concerned whether they should vaccinate their children or not in order to head off the spread of measles. According to Dr. Theresa Tam, some parents are less scared of the measles itself than they are of the prevention of it, their sources of doubt being the measles misinformation they found online which can be misleading or downright false.

Tam mentioned in a lengthy statement on Tuesday that health care providers need to help parents realize what information is accurate and what is not especially if they are on the front lines of the battle.

In Metro Vancouver so far 17 cases of this disease have been identified and the cause of the outbreak that began about one month ago seems to be tied with some French schools.

Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Addresses the Measles Misinformation

In addition to that, an anti-vaccination movement is wrapped up in the outbreak. Their proponents are known as anti-vaxxers are always arguing about the fact that certain vaccines such are the preventive ones for mumps, measles, and rubella or MMR can cause autism. All these facts are false according to science.

Some people think that instead of vaccines they can user nosodes, homeopathic remedies, but Health Canada has addressed the false claims around them in an advisory warning.

Tam mentioned that she has a plan to collaborate with stakeholders and partners in order to make the health of children a shared priority by addressing the misinformation around vaccines and its alternatives.

“How we talk to parents who have questions about vaccines can have a direct effect on improving their confidence and supporting them in getting their children vaccinated,” Dr. Theresa Tam says in a recent statement.


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