Legalizing Marijuana: Canada’s take on the drug issue comes in contrast with the US’s War on Drugs

Legalizing Marijuana: Canada’s take on the drug issue comes in contrast with the US’s War on Drugs

The War on Drugs is a well-known approach by the US when it comes to the drug question. However, Canada has taken a totally different route when it comes to Marijuana. Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has decided to take the approach of legalizing marijuana in an effort to combat the drug cartels.

The US’s approach vs the Canadian one

The two countries are quite opposites when it comes to the issue of marijuana. Although this should be taken in terms of ethics and morality, Trudeau is quite open about the fact that he has consumed marijuana in the past during his time in Parliament. In contrast to this, Donald Trump has claimed to have never subjected himself to the effects of the drug.

Canada’s attorney general is openly supporting the legalization of marijuana claiming that it will help suffocate the efforts of criminals trying to distribute it via illegal means. And as such, it will limit the accessibility that marijuana has to children. On the opposite side, the US’s attorney general has openly condemned the drug as being on equal levels of bad as heroin is.

Despite the fact that Just in Trudeau has been quite vocal in his appreciation of marijuana, quoting his experience in partaking in it several times around his pool in Montreal with his friends. Although this might be a simplistic example, it does show that he is considering the drug as being something as casual as having a lemonade. Trudeau has presented the legislation for legalizing cannabis on the 13th of April and he is expecting it to pass and go into full effect in the summer of 2018.

Trump, however, has not made any public speeches regarding the issue of marijuana since taking the position of president. However, he did voice his support for marijuana for medical applications during his campaign for presidency.

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