Knee Replacement Surgery to Receive a Great Aid from Robots

Knee Replacement Surgery to Receive a Great Aid from Robots

It looks like knee surgery is finally getting the help it needed, in the shape of new robots being used to aid surgeons when they operate on patients. This technology was available since last year but it looks like Josh Petterwood, a Tasmanian orthopedic surgeon, has just decided to start using it.

How experienced is he with this type of technology? Well, he has done just about 30 surgeries so far so it seems like he is already quite good at it.

What did he have to say about it?

Doctor Josh Petterwood said that the addition of this new technology is helping him and his team of surgeons to get more accurate results, with the added bonus of patients recovering better and getting into rehab earlier than before.

What does this technology do exactly?

Before, surgeons had to perform cuts with handheld saws that, even to the keenest of eyes, did not have the same amount of accuracy as these new robots have. Doctor Petterwood stated that he just has to map out the path and that the robotic saw will follow it without performing one single mistake.

The robot does not shorten the surgery period but doctors hope that its accuracy will stop people from coming in for a second knee replacement surgery in the future. Sadly, this cutting-edge technology is not available in every hospital as of yet. Doctor Petterwood stated than in order for this to happen, there will need to be more communication going on between the industry, the government and the university.

The statistics

In Australia, over 2 million people suffer from of knee arthritis and more than 50 thousand people come in for knee replacement surgery each year, a number that orthopedic doctors hope will drop down with the added benefits of robots coming into the surgery rooms and helping the surgeons do their tasks.


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