Ketamine Could Help Alcoholics, A New Study Concluded

Ketamine Could Help Alcoholics, A New Study Concluded

In the past, ketamine was deemed to be an exotic drug for some people, but in recent times it is associated with sobriety. According to a recent study Special K- an alternate name for ketamine could help heavy drinkers to reduce the consumption of alcohol. It is theorized that a single dose paired with mental exercises can limit the amount of booze that is consumed by reworking memories associated with an excessive amount of alcohol.

A team of researchers observed 90 beer lovers who featured a harmful drinking pattern as they consumed more than 30 pints per week. During the study, the researchers offered a glass of pint to the participants but mentioned that they could drink it after they see a series of images that showcase a selection of other drinks, among which we can count wine, fruit juice, soft drinks, and beer.

A select batch of participants received a small dose of ketamine. It is well-known that the drug can interact with the memories of people. Throughout ten days, participants that also received a dose of ketamine paired with memory therapy consumed a lower amount of alcohol as the urge fell.

Ketamine Could Help Alcoholics

Ketamine reduced the weekly alcohol income by 50% over nine months. The new data could change how alcohol treatment is conducted. Alcohol has played an essential role in the way in which many people engage in social activities, as is considered to be pleasurable.

However, excessive alcohol consumption tends to be associated with a large number of negative consequences, among which we can count aggressive behavior, the occurrence of violent crimes, road incidents, and dependence.

It is estimated that over 2.8 million premature deaths are recorded each year due to excessive alcohol consumption. While the experimental treatment seems to be quite useful further research is needed before a long-term strategy can be developed. The results were published in a scientific journal.


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