Jeff Session is Being Sued by a 12-Year-Old Girl That Suffers from Epilepsy – Legalize Marijuana

Jeff Session is Being Sued by a 12-Year-Old Girl That Suffers from Epilepsy – Legalize Marijuana

U.S. Attorney General is facing a lawsuit, where a Colorado young girl who suffers from epilepsy wants to legalize medical marijuana in the U.S.

The girl’s name is Alexis Bortell and she has a lot of support from her parents and more plaintiffs like Marvin Washington (former NFL player), who already filed a suit against Jeff Session and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Legalizing Medical Use of Marijuana in All U.S. is the Humane Thing to Do

Although marijuana has been legalized in medical use for some states in the U.S., this lawsuit wants to achieve a nationwide legalizing. The lawsuit argues that all Americans that require Cannabis treatment for several illnesses should have it available, in a safe and legal way to obtain. People suffering from different diseases should be allowed to have this alternative and not get incarcerated for trying to get treated.

Alexis is one of the Americans that had to move to Colorado so that she would have the treatment. Since she was 7-years-old, she has been suffering from epilepsy, and the form of her illness cannot be controlled with the treatments and procedures that have been approved by the FDA.

When nothing seemed to work, her family tried a form of marijuana and her seizures have been controlled. It has been 2 years without having a seizure, compared to the time before the Cannabis treatment, when she would have more seizures in a single day.

A Difficult Choice to Make for Such a Young Girl

A reason for legalizing medical use of Marijuana is because she is not the only person in this country that could be treated this was. Moreover, she plans on going to college in Texas, where she would be arrested, due to her treatment being considered illegal. She would have to choose between living a normal life and going to get higher education for a better future.

Until now, the Justice Department hasn’t commented on the lawsuit.


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