Improved Cancer Therapy Is Currently Under Development, Based On Theranostics

Improved Cancer Therapy Is Currently Under Development, Based On Theranostics

A team of researchers is working on theranostics, a fusion of therapy and diagnostics which can target specific diseases. The scientists focus on coming up with improved cancer therapy.

The process is powered by metallocorroles, specialized molecules which are employed in the development of high-grade imaging substances and drugs. The team, which includes researchers from the California Institute of Technology and the Israel Institute of Technology created a new method which allows them to deploy cell-penetrating nanoparticles.

Initial tests suggest that theranostics feature higher survivability rates while also being able to target select diseases specifically. The research project is a part of the City of Hope initiative. Several studies which are included in the City of Hope aim to champion the cause of precision medicine. Precision medicine focuses on treating the issues encountered by a specific individual.

Theranostics: Improved Cancer Therapy Is Currently Under Development

The study has explored the potential of theranostics, and it seems that some of the mechanics could be used to enhance other molecules. It is also thought that the information could be used to augment aggressive procedures like chemotherapy, with the main benefit being represented by weaker side effects.

Theranostics could improve the performance of treatment by allowing the doctors to personalize the cure for the patient. The main feature is represented by the ability to exploit specific biological pathways within the human body to obtain advanced images.

By using theranostics, doctors will be able to target specific molecules present in tumor cells. The data collected will be interpreted and used to determine the best and most effective methods which can target the disease without the need to compromise nearby tissues. While recent advancements continue to improve theranostics, there are some substantial roadblocks which hinder the progress. A big challenge is posed by the fact that tumors aren’t identical at a molecular level. That means that a treatment which works great one patient may not be beneficial in other cases.


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