Immune System Could Affect Our Teeth, A Recent Study Revealed

Immune System Could Affect Our Teeth, A Recent Study Revealed

We all know that our immune system is the one that does all the hard work for keeping us alive and healthy. But when the immune system is low or malfunctions, then we have problems. One of those problems presented by new studies is aiming our teeth too.

How Can Our Immune System Affect the Teeth?

Researchers have found that the tooth decay present in our mouths can be partly because of the bacteria that engage the immune cells (neutrophils). Neutrophils are delivered through the gums with the purpose to fight with the infection, but at the same time, they engage the bacteria to provide a mixture of acid. This acid will ruin our teeth. This information is unbelievable if you could think that your own immune system is causing cavities.

Moreover, the lab tests run by researchers revealed that the bacteria release acid when it is under attack from neutrophils. This battle affects the teeth through demineralization.

Immune System Can Attack Our Teeth, Causing Cavities

The irony is that the enzymes created by both the bacteria and the neutrophils can damage the teeth. All this process is making the teeth more vulnerable to caries, and both the dentin from inside the teeth and the resin that uses artificial fillings can be damaged too. If a tooth gets demineralized, it’s losing enamel, and it can’t be all replaced.

However, the discoveries could explain why our teeth fillings are failing after some years. The same process that happens with our natural enamel and dentin happens with the fake ones. Of course, more studies will be done to find out what is the exact relationship between tooth decay and neutrophils. Due to those researches, in the future, we could have better dental filling materials, and maybe we could do more to prevent those damages.


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