How To Handle Allergies With Natural Remedies

How To Handle Allergies With Natural Remedies

Food, chemicals, pollution, perfumes, pollen and dust are just some of the substances that can cause you allergic reactions. Specialists call them allergens.

Food allergies

Food allergies occur when the body reacts to certain proteins or food additives present in the food as if it were harmful to the body. Many foods can trigger an allergy, but among the most common are eggs, milk, fish, seafood, nuts, soybeans, wheat, strawberries.

Most times, food allergies occur in infancy before the age of four, and in other happy cases, they can disappear with aging. There is no proper treatment for food allergies. The only solution is to avoid eating foods that are causing you problems.

Contact allergies

“Contact allergies” occur when a substance causes skin allergy, also known as contact dermatitis. It can affect the skin of the entire body or just some parts. Cosmetic products, metals, latex, detergents, hair dyes are potential allergens.

Pollen allergy

Pollen allergy, generically called “hay fever”, begins in the spring and disappears in the autumn. Experts estimate that about five percent of people suffer from this condition. In most cases, the disease affects young people between the ages of 23 and 25, the tendency being that, after 35-40 years, pollen allergy will improve or even disappear. Symptoms are repeated sneezing, itching of the nose, eyes, throat, stuffy nose and nasal discharge. If you do not treat it in time, allergy can degenerate into allergic asthma.

Dust and mold allergies

Dust and mold allergies produce the same symptoms as pollen allergies but are generated by the body’s reaction to dust mites (microscopic organisms that live on plants, soil, water) and mold spores. If pollen allergies are seasonal, mold and dust ones are permanent.

Natural remedies

Nettle prepared as tea or tincture is helpful in all types of allergic reactions due to its antihistamine effect. You should drink three to four cups of nettle tea, combined with Swedish bitter, every day.

If you can not avoid allergens, use these solutions to control allergic reactions: medications prescribed by a doctor (antihistamines and decongestants), alternative treatments or immunotherapy. If you choose immunotherapy, your doctor will give you small doses of allergens that are not risky for you. The goal is, in time, to lose sensitivity to these substances.

Natural remedies also act on the symptoms of allergies and, unlike medication, do not give side effects.


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