How to Deal with Acne as an Adult

How to Deal with Acne as an Adult

Most people believe that acne is only a problem that affects teenagers. However, statistics have shown that adult, particularly adult women, still struggle to various degrees with this condition. Doctors cannot yet clearly pinpoint the cause of acne in adult women but they believe that it is a mix of changing hormones, of increased stress levels and that it is influenced by their diets. Other people start having acne because they use the wrong skin care product for their faces, causing pores to clog.

What not to do when you have acne

The most important thing that you should not do when you have acne is trying to pick at your skin. This only leaves holes in your faces that turn to scars which do not go away. Even if you opt for laser scar treatment, your scars will improve up to 50 percent. In a nutshell, what has been done cannot be undone.

You can also do more damage to your skin if you try and treat you acne on your own, by using the wrong skin care products and by not going to a dermatologist to see what is causing your acne.

How to treat it?

Depending on your type of acne there are different types of treatments out there. Some people swear that putting tea tree oil on their breakouts helped them but that is not an universal solution. Most over the counter products that claim to work have benzoyl peroxide in them. If the acne becomes resistant to this product then you will need something stronger to fight it off. This is why dermatologists have to look at your skin and determine what type of medical cream or antibiotics are going to help you.

DO not expect to see result overnight. Most treatments need to be done for a couple of months in order to see results.


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