How Laughter Can Reduce Stress

How Laughter Can Reduce Stress

When it comes to stress management, laughter is the best natural remedy the doctor may recommend you!

Unfortunately, the busy pace of modern life affects all of us in one way or another, and, in this case, laughter is considered the most powerful antidote to stress. Rest assured that nothing works faster and more effectively to bring your mind, body, and soul into balance than laughter.

Why It Is Important to Laugh?

You know that life is not always as fun as you would have wished and sometimes it sets you different challenges to test your courage. A good sense of humor is what you need to reduce stress and face all your challenges with dignity.

The healing power of laughter is incredible! A good laugh provides support to your mind as well as to your body, keeping you and your relationship stronger. So it is really important to laugh more often because this can help you make your life and the world around you brighter, more interesting and a lot less stressful.

What Are the Health Benefits of Laughter?

A good laugh is very beneficial for you and for the people around you. Try to laugh more frequently because laughing can really handle the stress and make your life better. Here are the key benefits of laugh that help you in stressful situations.

Laughter provides full body relaxation and emotional release, impacting positively on the process of relieving stress. A good laughter session encourages your body’s muscle to relax and lowers stress and anxiety.

Laughter decreases the level of stress hormones and in such a way makes the immune system stronger. Negative thoughts and emotions can affect both your mind and body by bringing more stress into your system and reducing your immunity. The studies conducted by the researchers of Loma Linda University explain how relaxing and/or laughing helps to reduce stress. These studies illustrate that laughter and positive emotions lower the level of cortisol, dopamine, epinephrine and growth hormone, and increase endorphins. All of these things work to relieve stress and promote a healthy, strong immune system.

Laughter eases the pain by stimulating the body to produce its natural pain relievers.

Laughter is good for your heart health because it boosts your blood flow and, thus, helps to protect your body against the risk of heart attack and, moreover, other cardiovascular problems.

Laughter strengthens the relationships because shared laughter helps you build exciting and lasting relationship bonds, and complete them with vitality and resilience.

Laugher elevates your mood, reducing your stress level and improving your social interaction. Your great mood makes you a happier person, anyway.

How to Improve Your Sense of Humor?

There are a lot of different ways how to bring more laughter into your life and improve your sense of humor if necessary. The easiest ways are:

  • smile because it is so contagious
  • look at cute memes as they can always get you to smile
  • watch something funny – TV Show or Movie – to inspire positive sensations
  • find a cheerful friend who can make you smile
  • join a funny club to take your mind off the troubles
  • read a humorous book or just a story to be positive
  • spend time in a pleasant company and playful people who make you laugh and feel good
  • add humor into communication to lighten your mood and the mood of your friends

Remember, laughter can really help you handle the stress, and improve your mental and physical health. So you shouldn`t waste this chance to be a happier and healthier person!


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