How Bariatric Beds Can Increase Patient Comfort

How Bariatric Beds Can Increase Patient Comfort

The biggest aim of hospitals is to provide their patients with the best services they can. The most essential ones include proper medication, a clean environment, well-trained doctors and excellent equipment.

For example, the patient bed is one very important piece of equipment hospitals need to pay lots of attention to. Generally speaking, hospital beds offer patients comfort during their treatment so hospitals should be careful about what kind of bed they use for different patients.

For example, a bariatric bed is a specialized kind of bed that is used in the care of bariatric patients. It is larger than the standard hospital bed and often comes along with other bariatric appliances such as chairs and walking aids. Their incorporated features help reduce the possibility of injuries and infections while helping patients recover quickly from any bariatric procedure.

Because comfort is the most important aspect for patients, here is how bariatric beds can provide just that.

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Great linens

Bed linens make a great addition to bariatric beds. They are available for the top surface, the bottom surface and pillows and can ensure a quick and comfortable recovery for patients especially when they come in high-quality fabrics.

The best thing about bariatric bed linens is that they provide numerous qualities to patients.

  • Thermal conductivity which protects patients from overheating and keeps them cool at all times
  • Antimicrobial fabric protection that prevents the development of bacteria that may cause infections and discomfort
  • Moisture control fabrics which help patients feel dry and comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic because of the lightweight fabrics which decrease the possibility of irritation or adverse reactions

Adjustable features

Another great thing about bariatric beds is the features they include. These elements can help adjust the bed according to the patient’s needs and thus, increase their comfort levels.

For example, some patients may have difficulties getting on and off the bed. The height of the bariatric bed can be adjusted in a way that allows the patient to safely get on and off. This is usually operated using a remote control and a handset which are often locked to prevent the mechanism from being triggered accidentally.

Other adjustable features that increase the comfort of bariatric beds are side rails, a one-way tilt function, lower leg raising elevation and an electrically operated backrest. 

A higher load capacity

In general, bariatrics is the field of medicine that is mainly concerned with obese and overweight patients. Because regular-sized beds don’t meet the needs and care demands of these people, a bariatric bed is the recommended type to provide patients with comfort during their treatment.

Such beds have a higher load capacity and can accommodate weights from 600 to 1000 pounds. This helps obese and overweight patients to lie down on the bed for several hours feeling comfortable. The beds are much wider and can easily help people recover quickly and safely from bariatric procedures.

In addition, they will be protected from skin infections and bedsores which normal-sized beds may otherwise cause them.

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Easy movement

When patients are in the hospital, they will most likely be moved from the bed every now and then. While some may have to do it alone, others may need to rely on the help of staff members to move them manually or shift them to another bed for treatment. To avoid this, a bariatric bed can make such movements much easier both for hospital workers and patients.

This type of bed includes electronic controls and removable sidebars that can help move the patient without any difficulties. Some models even include special mattresses with isolated air cushions that can be inflated and deflated to move patients safely and comfortably.

Final thoughts

Although standard hospital beds provide patients with the basic services they need, a bariatric bed is also an important piece of equipment that every health establishment should have. They come especially in handy for those people who are overweight or have difficulties getting on and off the bed due to various bariatric procedures. This type of bed has numerous adjustable features that provide patients of all kinds with great comfort during their treatment.

In case you want to know more about bariatric beds, be sure to refer back to our guide and learn how these beds increase comfort levels for bariatric patients.


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