High Blood Pressure Before And During Pregnancy Increases Risks Of Spontaneous Abortion

High Blood Pressure Before And During Pregnancy Increases Risks Of Spontaneous Abortion

Every woman dreams of being pregnant and having a healthy baby, at the end. But, changing your bad habits only when you find out you’re pregnant is not enough to have a troubleless pregnancy that will end up by delivering a healthy baby. According to some recent studies, the mothers suffering from high blood pressure before getting pregnant are more exposed to spontaneous abortion.

The risk of miscarriage increases in women suffering from hypertension

A recent study conducted by the researchers at the National Institute of Health, in the US, revealed that the risks of spontaneous abortion in hypertensive mothers are higher.

More specific, the scientists found out that each increase of 10 mmHg (the unit used to measure the blood pressure) equals to about 18% increase in the risks of miscarriage.

“Our findings suggest that achieving healthy blood pressure before pregnancy could not only have benefits later in life but also reduce the chances of pregnancy loss,” said Enrique Schisterman of the National Institute of Health, the study’s leading author.

Researchers examined the data gathered from a previous study conducted on 1,200 women

The researchers have collected the data gathered by an older study which was conducted on 1,200 women to find out the effects of aspirin in pregnancy and reproduction.

After collecting and examining the data, the scientist observed that women with diastolic measurements higher than 80 mmHg were exposed to miscarriage more than women with normal blood pressure.

Statistically, 25% out of the 1,200 surveyed women were at risk of experiencing spontaneous abortion due to high blood pressure.

However, Schisterman and his colleagues admitted that the result is not final and maybe another yet unknown factor could cause the miscarriages in hypertensive pregnant women.

“Our results suggest that further research could help determine whether treating high blood pressure and other health risks before conception improves pregnancy outcomes,” admitted Carrie Nobles, one of the study’s collaborators, also from the NIH.

In the meantime, scientists recommend women who want to get pregnant to take care of their health and quit all the bad habits they have because high blood pressure could indeed increase the risks of spontaneous abortion.


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