Herbal Remedies And Natural Solutions For ADHD

Herbal Remedies And Natural Solutions For ADHD

Attention Deficit Syndrome (ADHD) affects more and more children. Strenuous medical treatment and long-term therapy have prompted parents to look for natural non-addictive treatments. The symptoms of ADHD include hyperactivity, attention deficit and lack of concentration. These general symptoms are associated with serious deficiencies in language, understanding the meaning of things or emotional disturbances.

Most of the time, little children suffering from ADHD are perceived as problematic children, with destructive personalities, disobedient and uneducated. In fact, this is their way of showing affection, and most parents later discover the disease.

Drug treatment for small patients consists of a psychostimulant, and the most widespread is Ritalin and antidepressants. Exceeding recommended doses is very common in most patients, so Ritalin is currently also used as a medicine to increase intellectual performance.

Therapy Sessions

For the treatment of ADHD, the most important things are the therapy sessions. Practicing things learned with the help of the psychologist is beneficial for the little ones who, in some cases, at a young age, ask for a glass of water screaming.

These exercises are matched with natural treatments that help to fix and understand the things learned with the therapist. Plant teas with attention-boosting properties are the best substitutes for drug treatment.

Natural Remedies

The brahmin extract also called “the miraculous elixir of life”, is a plant that helps to regulate blood circulation in the brain, but also to improve intellectual capacity.

It also enhances attention and recreates the psychological balance necessary for children suffering from this condition. It removes fatigue and acts like a mental tonic.

Ginko Biloba tea is already recognized for its miraculous effects on increasing attention and improving cognitive functions.

Siberian ginseng is another plant that can be included in natural treatment against ADHD. It strengthens the body and revitalizes it by eliminating fatigue.

Scutellaria laterifolia is used to remove anxiety, nervous tension, muscle spasms, insomnia and migraines. In treating ADHD it acts as a sedative.

Kava-kava is a native plant from the west of the Pacific. Studies by American researchers have shown that the tea prepared from the extract of this plant is relaxing.

Chamomile tea is the best remedy for fatigue in our country. It successfully treats anxiety and hyperactivity. That’s why you should give your kid a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime.


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