Heavy Alcohol Consumption During Adolescence Also Negatively Impacts The Future Offsprings

Heavy Alcohol Consumption During Adolescence Also Negatively Impacts The Future Offsprings

Heavy alcohol consumption during adolescence can adversely impact on the brain development, and new data suggests that this habit can have a direct impact on first-generation children, their social behaviors, and their evolution during their puberty.

The research was released in the Journal of the Endocrine Society of the Endocrinology Society of America, the most popular and appreciated organization of researchers in Endocrinology, dedicated to hormone research and helping people who suffer from hormonal disorders.

“Our animal study shows that drinking to drunkenness before pregnancy can affect future offspring,” says lead author Toni Pak, from the Loyola University Chicago in Maywood, Illinois.

“This is true for the behavior of both parents, not just the mother. Our previous data support the idea that alcohol affects sperm and eggs, but this latest work shows the extent of these effects on social behavior, maturation during puberty and stress hormones as offspring grow into adulthood,” the researcher added.

Heavy alcohol consumption during adolescence can negatively impact on future offsprings

During their research on lab rodents, the scientists discovered that the offsprings of the rats which were forced to heavy alcohol consumption during their adolescence presented a number of possible consequences of their parents’ habits, such as reduced body weight, fewer play habits, and a reduction in the amount of circulating testosterone.

Moreover, the parents did not transmit any adaptive features to their offsprings that would help them to better cope with alcohol. “By better understanding what pre-parenthood behaviors affect future generations, we can do more to prevent their perpetuation,” Dr. Toni Pak concludes.

On the other hand, as concluded by previous research studies on heavy alcohol consumption, heavy drinking is one of the leading causes of infertility and sexual dysfunctions in both men and women.

Now, that they proved that heavy alcohol consumption during adolescence could also negatively impact on the future offsprings of heavy drinkers, scientists hope their research will make a difference.


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