Healthy Sleeping Habits: Essential for Emotional Wellness

Healthy Sleeping Habits: Essential for Emotional Wellness

The lack of sleep or having chaotic sleeping habits can make us feel anxious, depressed, and lack emotional focus. A therapist explains how important it is to stick to a sleeping routine and make sure one sleeps enough hours each night.

What is a healthy amount of sleep?

According to the CDC, an adult should sleep at least seven hours per night. Anything less than seven hours can result in anxiety, lack of focus, and it can even decrease the desire to socialize. A study confirmed that people who stay late during the week, binge-watching TV series or playing video games and then sleeping during the weekend, throughout the day, might experience social jet lag. By sleeping at different hours and not keeping a sleeping routine, our body gets confused, and people might feel jet-lagged.

What should we do?

Therapist John Duff explains during an interview with CNN that there are several tactics you can use to improve your sleep quality. Smart devices can increase the risk of sleeping problems, and it is a great idea to remove any device from the bedroom. A good book, calming music, and some other relaxing exercises can induce the need to sleep. The bright light the TV, smartphones, iPads, and other devices reflect is stimulating and does not help those who want to sleep earlier.

A sleeping routine can be helpful

Duff also mentions that good sleep hygiene is essential for a good night’s sleep. The going to sleep process starts earlier in the evening when the whole family prepares for it. Families with kids might start by bathing the kids and then themselves, tucking them into bed, and reading some stories. After children fall asleep, adults can begin their sleep hygiene routine. This way, we become mindful of the sleeping process and our body relaxes.


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