Dementia Risk Could Be Reduced Through Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Dementia Risk Could Be Reduced Through Healthy Lifestyle Habits

A study published on May 25th, 2022 on, the official website of the American Academy of Neurology, revealed some encouraging results for people with a genetic risk of developing dementia.

The study evaluated the connection between a metric for the health of the cardiovascular and brain systems, known as Life’s Simple 7 (LS7) and the decrease of dementia risk among people with a genetic predisposition for the illness.

Life’s Simple Seven, or LS7, is a list of seven factors that greatly support the health of the heart and the brain. These factors were defined by the American Heart Association and they are the following:

  1. Staying active – exercising and working out
  2. Having a healthy and balanced diet
  3. Maintaining a good weight
  4. Not smoking
  5. Maintaining a good blood pressure
  6. Maintaining a healthy cholesterol level
  7. Maintaining a low level of blood sugar.

According to the AAN study, living your life based on these seven principles does not only improve the health of your brain and cardiovascular system, but can also reduce the risk of dementia. However, this connection between LS7 and reduced dementia risk was best observed among people who are genetically prone to develop the illness and have high midlife LS7 scores. The authors of the study stated that “larger sample sizes from diverse populations are needed to obtain more reliable estimates of the effects of modifiable health factors on dementia risk within genetic risk stratum in each ancestry group”.

Even if this study has been performed on a small number of people and the results are not necessarily conclusive, there are only gains from leading your life with the LS7 as guidelines. According to AHA, “People with at least five ideal Life’s Simple 7 metrics had a 78% reduced risk for heart-related death compared to people with no ideal metrics”.


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