Green Tea Extract Could Relieve Tooth Pain

Green Tea Extract Could Relieve Tooth Pain

People who have experienced tooth pain know for a fact that it is one of the most painful sensations. Nobody should deal with it, but unfortunately, most of us have to cope with tooth sensitivity and the problems caused by it. More than 25% of the American population experiences pains when drinking hot or cold beverages, eating ice-cream, so on and so forth. And all of these because of the tooth sensitivity.


The explanation is very simple, dentists say. The first enamel layer of the tooth is subject to erosion and after a certain period of time, the second layer, called dentin, will be exposed. The fact that actually causes the pain and the sensitivity is the dentin’s microtubes, which allows hot or cold beverages to have contact with the tooth’s nerve.

Common treatments

One of the most common treatments is going to the dentist. The procedure isn’t complicated but in time it proves to be ineffective. The dentist will cover the tubes with a substance called nano-hydroxyapatite but it isn’t very helpful.

There might be hope

Scientists took the matter into their own hands and came out with a new study research. They combined nanohydroxyapatite with green tee compound and hoped that the mixture, called mesoporous silica nanoparticles, could solve the problem. Using a technique called confocal laser scanning microscopy, the scientists tested the new biomaterial on the dentin’s surface.

The result was amazing and it took many skeptics by surprise that wouldn’t believe the combination could possibly work. It appears that the strange combination of materials managed to block the tubes from the dentin for more than 95 hours. The “experiment” was a total success.

The scientists who took part in the experiment are very hopeful and say that this new material could totally be used as a treatment against tooth sensitivity.


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