Getting off Antidepressants is More Difficult than you Think

Getting off Antidepressants is More Difficult than you Think

People are often asked to share the experiences that they had to live through while they were trying to get off antidepressants. In these situations some of us may find it hard not to empathize with these people since getting off prescribed is always an uphill battle. Our goal is to share these experiences with you so that you can also get to understand why it is not so easy as it may sound.

The path to getting clean

Almost everyone that had to be prescribed antidepressants in order to fight their mental health issues had to say that they do work and that they have helped them. However, the reasons why people decide to quit taking them often vary.

For some people, taking antidepressants was needed after they experienced major loss in their careers or in their family. For some, going through withdrawal is too hard since the symptoms combined with their age often make it almost impossible. So what they can do is try to cut down as much as they can on the dosage so as to not feel the side effects.

Others decided to quit taking them since they acknowledged that these drugs are only a short term solution. Depression is not just a minor chemical imbalance in the brain that can be treated with the right kind of drug, in some cases it is more complicated than that so these people decided to address the problem without relying on drugs.

Some women decided to get off the antidepressants while they were pregnant since they thought that the drug could affect the development process of the baby. Their choice is in most ways the right one since no studies have been done so far that target this specific condition so there may or may not be side effects for your baby.

With more people finding out that they suffer from depression, more and more prescriptions were given, most of them being long-term.


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