Former Smokers Are More Inclined to Depression, Cannabis Use, and Drinking Alcohol

Former Smokers Are More Inclined to Depression, Cannabis Use, and Drinking Alcohol

A new study shows that the rates of depression, cannabis consumption, and hard-drinking are getting higher in the cases of former smokers. The rates are going high in the case of depression. For example, former smokers that are suffering from depression have rates that gone up from 4.88% to 6.04 % in the period 2002-2016. But depression is not the only thing to worry about.

Marijuana is also on the list of researchers. The rates of consumption are now double, going from 5% to 10%. Combine that with excessive use of alcohol that is rising from 17% to 22%. The study is realized by a team of researchers from Columbia University and the City University of New York. They are seriously warning physicians to take note of the results and to monitor their patients. Precisely the ones that are formers smokers because they are more predisposed.

Former smokers prone to depression, cannabis use, and drinking alcohol

Keep in mind that for the study, the researchers used data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, between the year 2002 and 2016. Also, they have looked for the spreading of marijuana and alcohol use, and for the increase of depression. For the study, more than 67.000 former smokers over 18 years old have been analyzed. At the same time, in the case of cannabis, the rates are higher now because the plant is now legal in many countries.

Finally, some smokers are using marijuana to help them quit tobacco. But at the same time, drinking cannot help the former smokers to quit cigarettes. A lot of factors contribute to the danger that a former smoker is exposed to. So this study and its findings need to raise an alarm signal and to help people to not relapse and to sustain abstinence.

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