Are The Flu Shots Safe?

Are The Flu Shots Safe?

Many online debates on the flu shots safety and effectiveness are emerging on social networks even when there are no flu epidemics or vaccination campaigns running. Even though many people think that flu shots cause flu or other illnesses, such beliefs are false! In this article, I’ll show you why the flu shots are safe.

Can the flu shots cause flu?

One big worry is that people will make flu after taking the flu shots.

This is a very wrong belief because the flu shots only contain a dead form of the flu virus which will never get people sick, instead will help the immune system to build the needed antibodies that will fight with the flu virus strains.

What about the inefficiency of the flu shots this year?

In the US, the flu virus strain that widespread in all the States is H3N2 or “Hong Kong flu” which occurred for the first time in 1968.

All the idea that this year’s flu shots are not efficient came for an Australian lab which stated that the flu shots are only 10% effective against H3N2. However, the CDC has proven a 34% efficiency for the American flu shots.

Even more, the flu shots are not designed only against H3N2 but against the other flu virus strains, as well.

Will the flu shots increase the risk for Alzheimer’s Disease?

No! The flu shots pose no risk for Alzheimer’s Disease according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Why a new flu shot is necessary for those who have already taken one last year

Flu shots are like Antivirus software if you want. They upgrade! So, this year’s flu shots are better than the ones of the last years’ and will cover for the virus strains that circulate the most and against new viruses.

In conclusion, don’t get caught in the anti-flu shots campaigns’ “mumbo-jumbo”. The only method to contain the flu epidemics is taking flu shots!


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