Flu Season Off to a Quick Beginning, Led by Unexpected Virus

Flu Season Off to a Quick Beginning, Led by Unexpected Virus

The strain of the influenza virus running widely now doesn’t regularly appear until spring. The U.S. winter flu season is off to its quickest beginning in more than 15 years. A new blast of illness in the South has started to extend more, and there’s pretty much chance that the flu season could rise much earlier than average, health officials state. Some researchers believe that the early beginning means a lot of suffering, while others say it’s not now the case to tell something like that.

Scott Epperson, the one who traces flu-like illnesses for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, released a statement about the situation. He said, “It depends on what viruses are circulating. There’s not a predictable trend as far as if it’s early, it’s going to be more severe, or later, less severe.”

There are various categories of flu versions, and the one generating illness in most regions of the country is unexpected. It’s a variant that regularly doesn’t abound until March or April.

Unexpected Virus Leads This Year’s Flu Season in the US

Such a virus generally doesn’t represent a dangerous thing to older people since most flu hospitalizations and death each winter appear in the elderly. This type of virus, however, can be harsh on children and people younger than 50. Louisiana, for example, is one of the first states to get affected hard, with doctors stating they started seeing significant amounts of flu-like illnesses in October.

Moreover, Children’s Hospital New Orleans has already encountered flu cases this autumn than it met all of last winter, according to Dr. Toni Gross, the hospital chief.

She detailed: “It is definitely causing symptoms that will put you in bed for a week.” The symptoms could be fever, diarrhea, or vomiting. As for the flu vaccine, now it is too early to tell if it performs right.


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