Factors to Consider for Hiring the Best Private Nurse

Factors to Consider for Hiring the Best Private Nurse

Many people don’t realize that you can hire a private nurse directly from a concierge company. The job and skills of a nurse go beyond what is needed in a hospital, surgical center, or doctor’s office. There are lots of ways a nurse can assist individuals at home, and not all of these benefits are strictly medical. In some cases, a nurse can also serve as a companion and voice of reason for someone who is aging or recovering from surgery.

What Do Private Nurses Do?

A nurse is more than a medical professional, they are also educators in a lot of ways. Nurses educate patients on caring for themselves, as well as family members on the best at-home care practices. A nurse is also a great resource for any questions you have or if you need further explanation about something. Hiring a private nurse will also give you someone who can work with the rest of your medical team such as doctors, nutritionists, and therapists on a more personal level. A nurse will be able to advocate for you in ways you and your family might not be comfortable with.

If you recently had surgery, are recovering from an illness, or need a bit of help managing your medical needs on a weekly basis, hiring a private nurse could really make a difference in your level of comfort. Nurses can assist with personal care, remind you of and administer medications, and provide you with a better understanding of your diagnosis and progress. A nurse will not only help you with the medical aspects of your situation but also serve as a companion and resource.

How to Choose the Right Nurse

With all of the concierge companies and resources available, it can be difficult to know how to narrow down your options. There are several things you should look for when considering a nurse and concierge company so you know you are choosing the right caregiver for your needs.


A majority of nurses and nursing companies will advertise compassion and respect as their core values, but until you see these qualities displayed in reality, they can sometimes feel like empty promises. You would hope that every nurse is compassionate and kind, however, this is not always the case.

Even if the company is advertising that all of their nurses have this quality, it is better to hear it from actual patients themselves. When investigating a nurse or nursing company, you want to look for testimonials from actual patients, whether this is on the company website or by asking around.


Having a private nurse gives you someone who is deeply connected to the medical world in your corner. A high-quality nurse should be able to advocate for you to get you what you need during surgery, illness, and any other issues. For example, if you are diagnosed with cancer, a nurse can help you find doctors and other resources.

A nurse should be able to help you find a surgeon, as well as attend appointments with your primary care doctor. In a case like this, your nurse will be by your side when you are getting new information about your situation or diagnosis, so they can help you better understand it and make choices down the road. You will want to hire a nurse that is well connected and experienced in communicating within the medical field. This way you will save time, frustration, and added stress.


If you have the opportunity to meet with multiple nurses before making a decision as to which one would suit you the best, take note of their attentiveness. You want a nurse who is going to listen and actually hear what you are saying. As a patient, it can be extremely frustrating to feel like your concerns are being dismissed, or that your healthcare providers are not actually listening to what you are telling them.

The nurse that you want to hire should make you feel like you are making decisions and working together concerning your health. When you are dealing with highly educated doctors and nurses it can be easy to feel like you don’t belong or shouldn’t have a say in any decisions, but this is far from the truth. Having a nurse that is attentive and listens to your concerns and opinions, will allow you to feel more comfortable and heard during any other appointments with doctors.


Arguably most importantly, you want to hire a nurse who does not make you feel hesitant to ask questions or express concerns. If you feel like a nurse is offended that you are asking a particular question, they may not be the right fit for you. A private nurse should be ready and willing to explain and re-explain anything that you need them to because your comfort should be their priority.

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