Experts: What to Consider When Buying A Children’s KN95 Mask

Experts: What to Consider When Buying A Children’s KN95 Mask

Some kids returning to school this fall may be required to wear face masks inside schools. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has declared that people older than 2 years of age who have not been vaccinated must wear face masks in public buildings. Meanwhile, children under 12 years old cannot receive the vaccine. Therefore, face masks are necessary for many children.

The Chinese version of the N95 mask, KN95, offers 95 percent protection from particulate matter. The KN95 masks have been proven very effective in protecting our family members against Coronavirus. Although there are many masks out there, parents will find that one of the best masks for children is the KN95 mask. KN95 masks may be a little bulky but your kids should quickly get used to it. Overall, the deciding factor is the fit.

The effectiveness of masks with multiple layers of fabric is supported by the opinion of a medical expert. A few parents still consider having their children wear KN95 masks as a way to protect them.

One possible disadvantage is that, whereas other reusable cloth masks are often interchangeable with adjustable ear loops and sometimes come in multiple sizes, the KN95 mask are usually available only in one size. Because there are so many variables that can affect the size and fit of a mask, it’s nearly impossible to tell whether or not a KN95 mask will fit a particular child without actually trying it on.

In addition, young kids breathe through their mouths, which means the moisture from their breath can get into the mask and cause it to become damp. Therefore, it is recommended that parents send kids to school with multiple masks, because wet masks are inefficient.

If you’re having trouble finding a quality mask for your child, be sure to check the FDA’s list of KN95 masks, just as you would when purchasing a mask for an adult.


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