Esketamine Nasal Spray Proved To Be Effective Against Depression

Esketamine Nasal Spray Proved To Be Effective Against Depression

Depression is considered by many to be the disease of the 21 century, and that is for good reasons. With an alarmingly increasing number of patients who suffer from this condition, finding the right treatment became quite difficult, especially taking into consideration that most of the already existing forms of treatment might take even weeks to take effect. Moreover, studies show that a large number of treatments that are available as of now don’t work at all for many individuals dealing with this condition.

Studies conducted on esketamine nasal spray show amazing results

A study recently published in the American Journal of Psychiatry focuses on a nasal health spray known as esketamine, which is gaining increasing attention among specialists since it supposedly takes effect rapidly even among patients who did not show any response to modern treatments.

The study monitored roughly 200 of adults throughout two years of analysis. All of the individuals that took part in this study issued a lack of effectiveness concerning previous treatments taken, making them perfectly relevant models for this product.

The respondents were essentially split into two groups. One group was given the esketamine nasal spray in one of two strengths, and other oral antidepressants as well, while the other group was given a new antidepressant along with place nasal spray. The results were quite staggering, as the group that was given esketamine nasal spray reported significant improvement of their condition after the 28 day period.

Esketamine nasal spray is now approved by the FDA

Michael Thase, M.D., one of the authors of the study stated that not only this treatment was proved to be efficient throughout the study, but the results allegedly appear in most of the cases in less than 24 hours. Moreover, he states that the results of the study basically emphasize how “important this development is for patients with difficult to treat depression.”

As he states, the Food and Drug Administration recently approved this esketamine nasal spray due to a number of studies that show just how efficient and rapid are its beneficial effects in the case of the patients that are diagnosed with depression when combined to additional oral antidepressants.

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