Donating Blood Protects You Against Cancer, Heart Disease, And Many More, A New Study Reveals

Donating Blood Protects You Against Cancer, Heart Disease, And Many More, A New Study Reveals

Blood donation seems to be more than a humanitarian act. According to recent studies, donating blood protects against cancer, heart disease, and can even help donor lose weight.

Blood donors have lower risks of developing cardiovascular diseases

Of course, blood donation is, before anything else, a charity act, a humanitarian gesture done by people to help others who need blood. And, there are lots of people who rely on blood donations, from those who will undergo a surgery and kids with severe anemia to the victims of accidents, and so on.

However, according to recent studies conducted by doctors and available in the American Journal of Epidemiology, people who regularly donate blood present 88% lower risks of facing a heart attack or stroke and 33% lower risks of developing a heart disease.

Donating blood protects against cancer and support new cells formation

Greatly raised levels of iron have been proved to cause cancer, thus, doctors consider that donating blood lowers the risks of developing cancer because of the blood donation which is reducing the iron blood levels.

However, scientists are still conducting examinations in this regard trying to gather enough data to prove it scientifically.

Phlebotomy is also another way to lower the iron blood levels. The studies focused patients suffering from a very usual cardiovascular system disorder, the peripheral arterial disease, and observed that those who were regularly donating blood presented lower risks of developing cancer in comparison with those who did not donate blood.

Besides, the organism will struggle to replenish the donated blood, a process which will trigger the birth of new cells. Scientists observed that this natural process of restoration of the “lost” blood helps maintain a good overall health state.

Donating blood also brings other health benefits

Surprisingly enough, donating blood may help blood donors lose weight. Studies have shown that one single session of blood donation burns more than 660 kilocalories.

Also, besides the fact that donating blood protects against cancer, heart disease, and supports the formation of new cells, blood donors can actively contribute to lives saving.


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