Doctors Found The Primary Cause Of 31 Unknown Diseases

Doctors Found The Primary Cause Of 31 Unknown Diseases

A vast network of doctors, summing up hundreds of specialists from different fields, discovered the biological properties of 31 previously unknown diseases, and provided diagnoses for dozens of other illnesses. However, they continue their work to come up with more similar results.

Worldwide, numerous patients are affected by some unknown diseases and remained with no diagnosis, despite all the efforts put up by medical personnel. The Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) established about four years ago across the US to uncover the causes of some of those mysterious conditions.

To achieve the recent results, this network of doctors examined the symptoms, biochemistry and genomic sequences of those individuals who are suffering from one or more unknown conditions.

“Our goal is to take on the hardest cases in medicine, to find patients and families with conditions that no one has been able to solve. We wanted to provide a place that these people could come, so the Undiagnosed Disease Network came together to try to answer that need,” said Euan Ashley from the Stanford University.

Doctors Found The Cause Of 31 Unknown Diseases

While they are investigating more than 380 mysterious illnesses, the doctors only revealed 35% of them. Also, in about 80% of the cases, the network of doctors managed to come up with reliable information, such as viable patient therapies, new symptoms to be included in the medical evaluation, or adjustments to diagnostic testing and family screening recommendations.

“We hope that the results of this analysis will provide a compelling case for adopting some of the network’s diagnostic approaches more broadly in an attempt to clarify diagnoses and refine treatment for patients with rare conditions,” said Kimberly Splinter, Associate Director of Research at the UDN.

However, in the latest study report on the recently examined 100 mysterious conditions, the doctors reported that they have successfully found the causes of 31 unknown diseases.

Accordingly, all those 31 unknown diseases are caused by a single mutation in a gene responsible for mitochondria function.


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