Dietary Supplements Scam And How To Avoid Them

Dietary Supplements Scam And How To Avoid Them

Many of the diets and supplements that pop up are just good marketing. And a diet/supplement scam can result in crucial health problems. If you are one the people that often engage in diets, or you are since forever searching for a panacea, you should know some things about how to choose the right one. Or if you are a beginner, and only think about starting a diet, seven rules can keep you away from getting tricked.

How to avoid dietary supplements scam

The emotional story to draw you in

Don’t let yourself be impressed with the fabulous story of people miraculously healed by a supplement, or losing weight overnight with a revolutionary product. Panacea should be just one if it existed. There is no such thing as a miracle that doctors or nutritionists don’t know about, but a selling company selling does.

The scare tactic

Just like the first technique, this appeals to your emotions. If the first one tries to seduce you, this one will try to scare you by telling that common sense things don’t make sense anymore. Like vegetables’ toxicity (that you didn’t know about) and the need to be replaced with a miraculous discovery. Don’t go that road.

The upsell

Lectin blockers, gluten blockers, fat burners, and metabolic support supplements will help you be more successful with your needs and diets. Well, you’re not! Losing weight or being healthy is not about supplements.

Personal experience

If the person selling something is credited only by his/her own experience with the product, then stay away. You need formal training if you engage in recommending others what to do with their weight and health. If that person is not a Medical Doctor (MD) or a Registered Dietitian (RD), don’t buy it. It’s a scam.

The “never been done before” scam

If it was never done, then that’s for a reason. No supplement has ever burned fat, and you must keep that in mind. When it comes to innovation, the FDA knows it first.

The unlimited possibility

Some things can’t be measured. So, if you feel like falling for: you’ll get rid of candida and adrenal fatigue, or it will rest your organs by cleansing them, again, stay away! The efficacy of a plan or product can’t be assessed without measuring the baseline and treated states.

The testimonials and the research that was done only on rats, or by the company selling

About 40 percent of testimonials and reviews are false. There is a reason why people don’t have access to a new treatment for years after they are found. Human trials are needed to assess the possible adverse outcome of them. So, again: be cautious regarding possible dietary supplements scam.


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