Dental tourism’s top destinations around the world

Dental tourism’s top destinations around the world

Dental tourism’s top destinations around the world

Due to the high cost of dental treatments in some countries, many people can’t have access to appropriate oral health and that reflects in the number of cases of tooth loss and other oral diseases. This is the main reason why people have decided to travel to another country to get the oral care they need but spend less money.

Of course, this has also been an opportunity for the countries that receive tourists that are seeking medical attention. Some countries are now well-known for the great service they offer and the prices of the different treatments, which are usually considerably less expensive than in the patient’s local dental clinic. 

But is dental tourism actually a good investment? and which are the countries that you should visit to find the best dentist and dental treatment for you? 

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is a concept that has become very popular because of the different benefits that it offers to patients. In the first place, the idea is to save money traveling to another country in which medical costs are more affordable. 

But the cost of treatments isn’t the only thing that makes a country a good destination for dental tourism. It is also very important to consider the health regulations of the country and the education and preparation of its dentists and specialists. 

One extra benefit of dental tourism is that many of these destinations are also great touristic destinations, so people usually plan an entire holiday to visit the wonders of the country while also taking some time to fix their smiles. 

These are the most important destinations for dental tourism in the world: 


Thailand has always been an amazing destination to enjoy a good vacation on its beautiful beaches, but when tourists discovered the quality and great prices of its dental clinics, it became one of the most popular countries for dental tourism. 

This is the main destination of choice for Australians and New Zealanders, but people from the United States and some European countries also decide to visit Thailand to get dental treatments. This country has very well-prepared specialists from all dentistry branches and top-tier dental facilities. 


Latin America has different options for dental tourism, but undoubtedly Mexico is the first one. Thousand of people from the United States and Canada visit Mexico each year to receive dental care, and there are many reasons for that.

To begin, this is the only dental tourism destination that patients can get to by car, so patients can save a lot on plane tickets, especially if they live near the border. Some Mexican towns have become almost entirely places to receive dental tourists, like Los Algodones, a border town in Baja California that is now known as Molar City. 

In Los Algodones patients can find the best dental clinics and renowned Mexican specialists. Dental Solutions, to mention one, is a dental clinic run by the well-known implant dentistry specialist Xochipilli Bojorquez. The facility is equipped with top-notch technology and they are part of the American Dental Association, which means that dentists work under the same standards as in the US.

It is possible to get quality dental crowns in Mexico, implants, full mouth restorations and all cosmetic treatments. 


Believe it or not, Dubai is considered one of the top destinations for dental tourism in 2022. Even when their dental clinics’ prices are not as inexpensive as other destinations on this list, patients chose this destination to get a luxurious experience and pay less than what they would in their countries. 

Most tourists that visit Dubai for dental treatments come from Germany, England, the United States, and Australia. Dubai has dental clinics with the latest technology and some of the best dentists in the world to guarantee the sucess in each procedure to their high-level clientele. 


Visitors from all Europe chose to travel to Turkey to get dental work done because of the quality of the service and the prices of treatments, that can get to be more than 60% lower than in the UK or Germany. 

Turkey has taken very seriourly their job as dental tourism providers so there are certain zones in the more tourisitc cities where visitors can find all the best dental clinics in just one place. Most Turkish dentists study abroad and come back to their country to offer the latest treatments, especially in cosmetic dentistry. 

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