Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes: How to Cure Them and What Else You Need to Know

Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes: How to Cure Them and What Else You Need to Know

Unfortunately or not, it doesn’t really matter if you have the prettiest eyes in town – nature will still find a way to ruin your looks if you allow it, as it doesn’t care about your appearance. Certain factors can lead to the so-called bags and dark circles forming under your eyes, such as your sleep schedule, the food you eat, or your age.

You got the point: having bags and dark circles under your eyes or not can mostly be up to you and your decisions. In other words, having that unpleasant-looking condition is not mandatory.

Possible causes for dark circles under the eyes

When the muscles and the tissue structures that support your eyelids weaken, bags under the eyes can occur. The skin may even begin to sag, while fat that might exist around the eye will move into the area under the person’s eyes. The area can also look swollen because the space under the eyes can gain fluid.

Let’s dive into more detail and more comprehensive explanations regarding the possible causes of the formation of dark circles under the eyes, shall we? There’s no use trying to run away from the problem, such as surreptitiously adding sunglasses when nobody notices, as there are indeed solutions out there!

But before we check out the list of solutions, we obviously need to make sure that we understand the possible causes of dark circles forming under our eyes:

  • Fatigue: If you often like to play video games or scroll through social media late into the night, don’t be surprised if you see some big bags and dark circles forming under your eyes in the morning.
  • Alcohol and smoking: If you’re often a big hit with booze and cigarettes, your chances of developing dark circles under your eyes go up.
  • Salt/sodium in your diet: If your meals constantly contain a high concentration of salt or sodium, dark circles under your eyes could form.

Ways to prevent bags from forming under the eyes

Getting rid of those ugly-looking bags under your eyes doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Don’t neglect your bedtime: If you are not a fan of going to sleep early, you should definitely reconsider. Not getting enough sleep at night will significantly increase your chances for those bags under the eyes to emerge. You’ll definitely have an overall tired appearance.
  • Consume less alcohol and cigarettes: It may be fun to drink and smoke, but it’s certainly not healthy. These habits also increase your chances of looking tired in the morning.
  • Adopt a diet that’s low in sodium.

Ways to prevent dark circles from forming under the eyes

If it helps you with anything, you need to know that there are a lot of people out there who struggle with dark circles forming under the eyes. Here’s how you can prevent the condition from occurring:

  • Don’t exaggerate with salt and sugar in your meals.
  • Get enough sleep without any interruptions.
  • Limit your consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

Bags under the eyes don’t hint at a serious condition (usually)

In most cases, having bags under your eyes doesn’t mean that something much worse is going on in your body.

However, you should definitely go see a doctor if the bags forming under your eyes cause vision problems, headaches, irritation, or if it comes along with a skin rash. Hopefully, the swelling under your eyes isn’t a result of other possible medical conditions, such as an infection, thyroid disease, an allergy, or connective tissue disease.




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