Covid-19 Update: India’s Covaxin Receives Emergency Approval From WHO

Covid-19 Update: India’s Covaxin Receives Emergency Approval From WHO

The Covid-19 pandemic has killed more than 5 million people in less than two years, and although several Covid-19 vaccines have been issued emergency authorization, there are still skeptics. The good news is that the WHO gave its approval for emergency authorization of another Covid-19 vaccine, Covaxin. Bharat Biotech from India has developed this vaccine, and this approval can open the frontiers for many Indians who received this vaccine.

WHO tweeted the good news

Dr. Tedro Adhanom Ghebreyesus has tweeted that the World Health Organisation has issued an emergency use listing of another Covid-19 vaccine.

India has six Covid-19 vaccines that have received emergency use authorization, and these have been used for the general population of the country. Other Covid-19 vaccines used in India are Sputnik V and Covishield.

Receiving WHO approval is a standard of safety and quality

The World Health Organisation has been releasing approval for emergency use listing of vaccines worldwide. It is a big deal to receive approval because it means that the vaccine is safe and has been created and manufactured following high standards.

The Covaxin proved 77.8% efficiency against the new coronavirus and 65.2% efficiency against the Delta strain during study trials. The Phase III trial showed that the Covid-19 vaccine created by Bharat Biotech offers 93.4% efficiency against severe Covid. This is great news because vaccines can prevent infections and those who suffer from breakthrough infections have minor symptoms. This means that fewer people need hospitalization and medical care.

The Phase III clinical trial of the Covaxin had more than 25,798 participants, and the vaccine was highly effective at preventing hospitalizations and death due to the virus. Previous to the WHO’s approval, the vaccine has already received authorization in 16 countries. The Indian company could provide 1 billion doses by the end of the year.


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