COVID-19 Treatment Might Reside In The 47D11 Antibody

COVID-19 Treatment Might Reside In The 47D11 Antibody

A recent discovery is providing hope in light of the current events. Scientists are claiming that they have managed to discover an antibody that has the potential to target and block SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus). This antibody is known as 47D11, is a spike protein similar in texture with the novel COVID-19, being able to launch onto cells and directly insert its genetic material.

The experts underline that by inserting this Antibody to humans, they would get the change to change the infection pattern and prevent those that are infected from spreading the virus to other people. The Antibody was discovered during the SARS-CoV-1 outbreak back in 2003.

The leading researcher, Professor Berend-Jan Bosh, has declared that the study was conducted by analyzing all the identified antibodies during the first epidemic. They managed to find one antibody which can neutralize the spreading pattern of COVID-19.

Human Antibody Might Lead to a Reliable COVID-19 Treatment

Therefore, this discovery could prove efficient not only because the course of infection is altered, but also because uninfected individuals are now protected against the virus. The study included tests on various types of coronaviruses and has isolated 51 neutralizing antibodies to collect data regarding their attacking behavior. 47D11 is capable of blocking the virus path towards the cells by blinding its spikes, as per Dr. Simon Clarke, who was not part of this study.

The advantage of this type of medicine is the fact that they can be achieved through a series of chemical reactions, instead of needing to be purified from people’s blood.

Up until now, the researchers did not manage to demonstrate how useful this discovery could be while using it as a treatment for the deadly COVID-19 disease. Since injecting people with a chemical antibody is not the safest procedure in the world, the need for proper clinical trials is widely felt. All the findings are available in the Nature Communications journal.

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