Coronavirus Was Indeed Created In A Wuhan Lab, As Donald Trump Believes

Coronavirus Was Indeed Created In A Wuhan Lab, As Donald Trump Believes

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has publicly stated that, in his belief, the novel coronavirus that has caused the death of over 230,000 people has been created in a virology laboratory in Wuhan, China. Trump has declared that his conclusion is based on analyzing secure information, but he refused to detail any of the investigations.

After being asked what the reason that makes him so confident regarding the reliability of his findings is, Donald Trump stated that he is not allowed to refer to its resources yet publicly. Additionally, the underlined that the results would soon be published, and everyone will be able to access them.

However, the US president is not blaming Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, for these actions, even though he is sure that the consequences of the coronavirus could have been avoided. Trump announced that China could either have been overwhelmed by the alarming degree of the outbreak or they decided not to take action at all.

Donald Trump also thinks that WHO has taken wrong decisions regarding the coronavirus outbreak

Moreover, the Chinese authorities decided to let the virus spread all over the world. For example, they chose to close the inside airplane traffic, but the planes going to the United States and Europe were not affected by this regulation. This is why President Trump is thankful that the USA managed to ban China at the beginning of January and that the next on the list was Europe.

Furthermore, the President’s speech is also attacking the attitude that the World Health Organization has adopted towards the whole situation. He is stating that in light of the recent events, the organization should be blaming China for its prevention actions and be more involved with the case, rather than making excuses for a matter that has unfortunately caused the death of almost 230,000 people worldwide.

Lawmakers have added that WHO’s reactions towards the coronavirus outbreak have created the lives of an impressive number of Americans. Therefore, they are urging the president to pause the funding for the organization.

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