Coronavirus Vaccine News – British Scientists Are 80% Sure They’re Close To A Reliable One

Coronavirus Vaccine News – British Scientists Are 80% Sure They’re Close To A Reliable One

Coronavirus confirmed cases are growing by the minute. 1.790.550 were reported by April 12. The number of deaths is also escalating, reaching 109.654 reports. The lockdown might help with keeping the numbers increasing much slower than they would without it, but the sun is far from rising. Scientists all across the globe are trying their best to find either the coronavirus vaccine that would immunize the population or the medicine that would stop COVID-19 from being lethal.

The bad side of a vaccine is that even if it would be found to work, it will take a lot of time before it becomes accessible for the population. According to a recent report, British researcher Sarah Gilbert, a professor of vaccinology at Oxford University, and her team claim they are 80% sure to have found a viable vaccine. She told The Times that it would be ready by September if it passes the clinical trial.

“That is just about possible if everything goes perfectly. Nobody can give any guarantees, and nobody can promise it’s going to work, and nobody can give you a definite date. We are going to need to do studies in different countries. Total lockdowns do make it harder. But we don’t want the herd immunity either. We want them to be susceptible and exposed for the trials purely to test the efficacy,” said the researcher.

The process of producing and testing a coronavirus vaccine

The British government is very supportive. It already decided to invest in advance so that several million doses could be ready as fast as possible if the study proves to be successful. And this is a crucial decision because we are living in a race against the clock.

It is a long way from a scientist’s prodigious mind to our immune system. The formula must be tested in the lab. Then it needs the approval to go to clinical trials that would have to coincide in different counties if the human trials prove to be consistent with the goals new governmental approvals will be needed.
Then comes the manufacturing process.

With such high demand, it would take months before the millions of doses will be ready to be taken to the specialized centers in every country (clinics and hospitals) that are allowed to distribute the vaccine to the population. And then comes the program actually to immunize each citizen. That will be a nasty process too. What will the hierarchy be? Who will get the coronavirus vaccine first, and how will the vaccination be organized under what prioritization system? We are talking months and not just a couple of them.


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