Coronavirus Quarantine Makes Us Feel More Tired

Coronavirus Quarantine Makes Us Feel More Tired

Quarantining yourself at home is the most important thing you can do these days. The COVID-19 breakdown had influenced people to engage in social distancing as a vital measure to restrain the spread of the new coronavirus. In addition to the stress and the uncertainty of the worldwide outbreak, choosing to stay at home in quarantine might take a severe mental toll for some people, as per ScienceAlert.

The isolation imposed by lockdown might also leave people feeling that they can’t control a specific situation. However, some people might fight with tiredness, and the uncanny thought that they couldn’t contain their feelings anymore. Such a state of mind is only temporary said experts, and we shouldn’t worry.

Feeling Very Tired is Caused by Anxiety and Stress

The feeling of fatigue that you encounter is related to the mental workload linked to COVID-19 rather than anything else. Fatigue can have both non-physical and physical causes.

Recent research has also explained that tiredness can be caused by anxiety and stress. The monotony could also be a cause of why we feel so tired. Therefore, trying to cope with the psychological strain linked to the COVID-19 outbreak could be wearing us out. But what can you do?

Stages of Adaptation to the Coronavirus Quarantine

We always need a period of transition and adjustment. You should understand that such a thing needs time and comes in stages. Remember the first lockdown days? You probably were tearful and feeling a little bit off. What you experience is a perfectly normal adjustment phase. Full functional adjustment to your current way of life will occur after some time, two or three months. However, there is one phase to be aware of that can happen then. You might feel melancholic and can’t stop feeling that way.

The worry, in that case, is that the quarantine situation has now become permanent. It doesn’t mean, though, that we won’t see a way out of that. All the things need time, so do you. As impossible it might seem right now, all your tiredness caused by anxiety and stress will disappear. Remember that you’re not alone, as much as you might feel, in this situation. People worldwide are experiencing similar phases of adjustment to the coronavirus quarantine, transition, and strange feelings of loneliness.


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