Coronavirus Might Cause Strokes In Young Adults

Coronavirus Might Cause Strokes In Young Adults

One of the latest and most concerning novelties concerning the evolution of the coronavirus is that it can affect young adults in a devastating way, by causing clots in the major arteries of the brain – Clots that end in significant strokes. That is according to a report cited on CNN.

“Our report shows a seven-fold increase in the incidence of a sudden stroke in young patients during the past two weeks,” said Dr. Thomas Oxley, a neurosurgeon at Mount Sinai Health System in New York.

The average incidence of people suffering from significant strokes was 2 cases per month. But in the past few weeks, the numbers increased significantly. What’s more, all the patients were confirmed cases of coronavirus, and all of them mild or even asymptomatic.

The new coronavirus causes strokes in youngsters

One of the problems was that the patients were reluctant to call 911, and they postponed the call in some of the cases too much. At least one of the patients died, and most of them are still struggling to survive in intensive care. Only one patient was released, but he is also in need of continuous intensive care.

Dr. Oxley stated that time is crucial in stroke cases. A clot in a major artery in the brain has to be retrieved within 6 hours since the stroke occurred. 24 f=hours if the patient is lucky. This means that every minute is precious.

The doctors’ worries are high, and they decided to change the protocol. Until now, people were recommended to call 911 if they experienced symptoms such as high fever or shortness of breath. They are suggesting now that people urgently call 911 if they experience any of the stroke’s signs.

It is easier to memorize the four symptoms if you remember the acronym FAST, where F says face drooping, A says arm weakness, S points to speech difficulty, and T tells you it is time to call for an ambulance. Stay at home and stay safe from the new coronavirus!


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