Common Cough Medicine Found to Be Effective against Parkinson’s!

Common Cough Medicine Found to Be Effective against Parkinson’s!

According to some pre clinical studies led by Professor Schapira from the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, the drug Ambroxol, which is currently used to treat respiratory conditions, could have another use!

As it turns out, Ambroxol not only eases coughing and promotes the clearance of mucus but may also slow the progression of Parkinson’s!

Professor Schapira’s Phase 2 clinical trial found that this medication can reach the brain and increase the level of a certain protein known as glucocerebrosidase or GCase.

What GCase does is allow cells to remove waste proteins such as one that tends to build in cases of Parkinson’s disease – alpha-synuclein!

The same phase of the trial also confirmed that the drug is perfectly safe and tolerated by those diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

As for Phase 3, referred to as ASPro-PD and led by Professor Anthony Schapira, it follows years of work with the community.

It will involve 330 participants suffering from the debilitating disease from 10 to 12 clinical centers in the United Kingdom.

We also know that the research will be placebo controlled while and that they will be taking Ambroxol for 2 years.

The drug’s effectiveness will be measured by how well it manages to slow down the progression of the disease using a scale that includes elements such as movement and quality of life.

At this point, the team has already started preparations for recruitment.

“I’m delighted to be leading such an exciting project. This will be the first time that a drug applied to a genetic cause of Parkinson’s has reached this level of a trial and represents 10 years of extensive, detailed work in the lab and in a proof of principle clinical trial. The study design is a result of valuable input from people with Parkinson’s, of leaders in the field of Parkinson’s, trial design and also statistics from UCL Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit, MHRA and a number of funders led by Cure Parkinson’s, all operating as a team to ensure we’ve reached this stage. We look forward to working with all of these groups to ensure a successful completion of the study,” Schapira has announced.

Furthermore, the CEO of Cure Parkinson’s, Will Cook has also stated that “This trial is a huge step forward in the search to find some new treatments for Parkinson’s. Once the ambroxol trial is underway, it will be one of only 6 Phase 3 trials on public record of potentially disease modifying drugs in Parkinson’s, worldwide.”


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