Coffee’s Effects On The Brain Are Opposite Than Those Of Cannabis

Coffee’s Effects On The Brain Are Opposite Than Those Of Cannabis

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It has many benefits such as improving energy levels, helping people burning fat, lower risk of type 2 diabetes and the list could go on.

“This is often thought to be due to caffeine’s ability to boost fat metabolism or the glucose-regulating effects of polyphenols (plant-derived chemicals),” said Marilyn Cornelis, the lead author of a recent study on coffee’s benefits and risks to people’s health.

Researchers say coffee might affect people’s health

Many consider coffee to be a drug and it seems it has the same effects on people’s brains as cannabis does but in the opposite way. The study shows that coffee changes many metabolites in our blood.

Researchers took blood samples from 47 people who stopped drinking coffee for a month then started drinking four cups of coffee for 30 days, after which they boosted their coffee intake to eight cups a day. A total of 115 metabolites were connected with coffee intake, from which 82 were previously known and mapped to one of 33 predefined biological pathways. “These are entirely new pathways by which coffee might affect health,” Cornelis said.

Coffee’s effects on the brain are opposite than those of Cannabis

Drinking a large amount of coffee per day seems to reduce the body’s endocannabinoid system, while cannabis increases it.

The endocannabinoid system regulates sleep, appetite, cognitive processes, memory and so on. Every time people are under stress our body decreases its production. “The increased coffee consumption over the two months of the trial may have created enough stress to trigger a decrease in metabolites in this system,” Cornelis said.

Researchers also discovered that coffee consumption raises the level of metabolites associated with the elimination of steroids. There are still many things to find out about coffee’s effects on people health, which hopefully will be found out in the future.


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