Cities, Countries and Schools Found a Way to Work Around the System Bringing in Foreign Medication

Cities, Countries and Schools Found a Way to Work Around the System Bringing in Foreign Medication

FDA approved drugs are very expensive in the US and many cities and counties are trying to save money by helping their employees purchase medicines from other countries such as Canada or New Zeeland. In other countries they can find drugs 80% cheaper than in their state.

How to work around the system

Schenectady County, N.Y., has planned to pay 20% on prescription drugs for its employees than it used to back in 2003. Flagler County, FLA., plans to save up to 200,000$ on brand-name medicine for its workers (800 of them) taking advantage of the 10% lower cost of drugs compared to 2016. Other cities such as Komodo have worked hard to offer its employees a free 90 day supply of several popular drugs.

The FDA warns drug importation is illegal

Although the number of municipalities has grown, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned them they are doing illegal activities by ordering drugs from overseas. Back in October the FDA raided nine locations in Florida which helped the senior population order medicine from overseas pharmacies. According to FDA investigators the store owners are operating illegally and could even face jail time.

Millions of Americans have used the drug importation methods

Even if the FDA does not agree with this practice, the high cost of medicine in the US has forced millions of Americans to buy prescriptions from countries such as Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zeeland. The FDA can intercept their packages and destroy them.

Many times Congress tried to legalize the importation of prescription drugs over the past 20 years; however both the Democratic and the Republican administration decided not to implement it. The U. S pharmaceutical industry is not happy either.


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