Cheap Natural Remedies For Liver Disease and Cirrhosis

Cheap Natural Remedies For Liver Disease and Cirrhosis

The liver is the only organ that regenerates, but it can be disrupted by an inadequate lifestyle. To keep it healthy, some specialists recommend natural healing treatments for the liver.

Herbal teas are extremely beneficial to the liver, and green tea is perhaps the best liver treatment. It helps to detoxify the liver and improves its functioning.

Greater celandine tea is especially recommended for those who suffer from liver problems. It contains many liver protective factors. The only downside is the extremely bitter taste of the tea, which can be sweetened with honey and some lemon slices.

Artichoke tea is an alternative to celandine, being similar both in effect and in taste.

St John’s Wort also has calming properties for the liver, helping to restore liver cells, but also to detoxify the body.

Vegetable juices are the basis of any natural treatment for the liver. Spinach and carrot juice is a recommended drink for those who suffer from cirrhosis.

Flax seeds, sprinkled in salads, help keep the liver healthy. Seeds can be eaten with yogurt or sandwiches.

Turmeric, an oriental spice, helps to regenerate liver tissue and stimulates gallbladder activity, helping to detoxify the body.


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